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Below are articles and papers providing information on books, topics , individuals, etc. (such as Word-Faith teachings/teachers, UFOs, Centering Prayer, The Seven Habits) that are popular in today's culture. Feel free to download or print these and pass them along to others. If you don't find the topic you are looking for you can access more free articles on our main website. Visit the Crosswinds Website for More Articles

"The Shifting Paradigms of Stephen Covey: The Roots of Seven Habits"

The Shifting Paradigms of Stephen Covey: The Roots of Seven Habits for Highly Effective People
This mega-bestseller continues to influence many who are looking to develop their management skills. However, is it more than just a management/leadership book?
The Shifting Paradigms of Stephen Covey.[...]
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Scientology: "Tom Cruise Phone Home"

Tom Cruise Phone Home
what is the connection of Tom Cruise and Scientology? How important is he to the Church of Scientology and how much of its teachings does he understand? This article examines some of the beliefs of the Church of Scientology.
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"What Joyce Wants, Joyce Gets: The Teachings of Joyce Meyer"

What Joyce Wants, Joyce Gets
A look at the teachings of long-time radio and television teacher, Joyce Meyer. Particular attention paid to her position on Word of Faith teachings and teachers.
What Joyce Wants, Joyce Gets.pdf
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"The Da Vinci Code: The Facts Behind the Fiction"

The Da Vinci Code: The Facts Behind the Fiction
Dan Brown, the author of the best selling book, The Da Vinci Code, has repeatedly claimed the book is based on facts - but is it? What are those "facts" and what is the evidence for them? This article will review some of the claims and the real truth behind them.
The Da Vinci Code-The Facts Behind The F[...]
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"Centering Prayer: East of Center"

Centering Prayer: East of Center
So-called Centering Prayer has been widely promoted by a number of religious authors who maintain it is rooted in biblical prayer. But is its roots found in the Bible or is it more akin to Eastern religion. This article take a look at the roots and teachings of centering prayer.
Centering Prayer - East of Center.pdf
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"Jesus - Zealot or Savior: A Review of the Bestseller, The Zealot"

Jesus: Zealot or Savior
In his book, The Zealot, best selling author Reza Aslan asserts that the story of Jesus in the Bible is not so much concerned with the historical record as it is in presenting Jesus as a messiah. This article is a review of the book and some of the claims it makes in presenting an alternative view of the Jesus of the Bible.
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