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Your feedback on our services is greatly appreciated. Our staff write extensively and speak often in Churches, to college and civic groups, and at conferences. Following are some of the comments we have recieved in response to our speaking and writing (if you would like to schedule one of our speakers go to the contact us page and send us an email with your contact information):

"I enjoyed reading the newsletter. The "Belief Trends Among Christians" was mind blowing. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it's getting worse. You've taken the bull by the horns with your ministry and I applaud the work you guys are doing."


"Thank you so much for the information!  And I thought your presentation was great. I look forward to the newsletters!" 


"As always an excellent newsletter! I really appreciate you exposing the Oprah distortions. As Christians, we must be ever vigilant to not allow secular, mainstream media to define our beliefs. It is our responsibility to yell "Foul!" Thanks for dropping  the yellow flag on Oprah and her minions."


"I think you’ve “touched a nerve” and it occurred to me that every Baptist paper in the country needs this series (and likely other publications). If you haven’t already done so I recommend you contact them all, perhaps even using The Alabama Baptist and Dr. Terry as references." [Ed. note: The writer is referring to a series of articles we wrote for the Alabama Baptist Newspaper that was turned into the book "Spiritual Buffet"]


"Thank you for the teaching at our church. We know there is still much to learn but we are grateful for your part in preparing and sharing."


"I want to thank you for your wonderful study on defending the Bible.  I have attended your presentation at our Church and find your teaching to be highly relevant for our times."


Praises to you for including the article concerning our combat veterans and their families. I am a veteran of 3 combat tours (both Afghanistan and Iraq). While I was deployed, God blessed me with a Church in the community (outside Fort Campbell KY) that made a focused effort to minister to Soldiers and their families. You are a dear friend of our Church and we always benefit from your visits and teaching. We have many veterans -- and still-serving veterans -- in our congregation, so I pray we can be a church that reaches out to the important needs of our Veteran's and their families. This article has stirred me to try to do more in this important ministry.

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